Tantra & Magick


With Paul Clark & Denny Sargent

Date: November 18 & 19, 2017

Location: 2820 Thorndyke Ave West, Seattle, WA 98199 (map)

Please join us for this special, two-day event in which we explore intersections between the esoteric traditions of the East and the West, with emphasis on both theory and practice.

Day One: Tantric Meditation for Thelemites

Paul Clark

November 18, 1:00 – 3:00 PM (doors at 12:30 PM)

Paul will speak on his experiences with Tantric meditation practice, a form of Samadhi yoga based on 10th century Kashmir Shaivist tradition, including:

  • Historical context: householder vs. renunciant practices
  • Key concepts in theory of practice – parts and modes of consciousness
  • Core tantric texts and how to approach them / reading list
  • Relationship to Patanjali and other classics
  • Knowledge & Conversation: How tantra relates to Thelema and the goals of a modern magician
  • Basic practices you can experiment with

“I’ve found a powerful synergy in my own practice between the methods of tantra and the moral and religious concepts of Thelema, and I’m eager to share where this research has taken me and where it’s going.”

Paul Clark is founder and Past Master of Horizon Lodge, and has practiced both Thelemic magick and Tantric meditation for over 30 years.

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Day Two: Twilight Yoga: Tools of Nath Tantrika Magick and Thelemic Pragmatics

Denny Sargent (Hermeticusnath)

November 19, 1:00 – 3:00 PM (doors at 12:30 PM)

“The Will to Love is the Law to Live.”

This presentation/workshop will introduce the participants to some of the basic ‘tools’ or magickal practices of Tantrika as embodied in a living lineage, that of the Naths as handed down by Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath.

The presentation/workshop will begin with a brief Ganesh Puja (ritual) as is customary in all Tantrick gatherings. Then there will be an introduction of Tantrika, what it is, and how it relates directly to Thelema. What will follow is a short description of practical and usable techniques and ritual practices that anyone into magick may adopt, and how they can relate to Thelemic practice as well as to Tantrika. Each brief description will be followed by audience participation, alternating theory and real-now practice.

Highlights will include Nath Tantrika takes on Pranayama, Mantras, Mudras, Chakra-work, Nyasa, and the ‘Dragon Seat’ Zonule, though not necessarily in that order! Aside from the Ganesh puja there will be chanting, nyasa, chakra-guna work and an assortment of practices depending on time and audience interest.

We will end with with a brief Shiva puja and a Q& A period. The goal is to offer a quick survey of appropriate magickal practices that can be useful. A handout will be offered via a FB Page along with the pujas and so on. All participants are therefor asked to bring smart phones so they can access the materials during the workshop.

Denny Sargent (aka Hermeticusnath / Aion131) has been a long-time student of magick and was initiated into the Nath Lineage of Tantra in 1980. He is an author, linguist, ancient historian and Utter Fool, but not in that order.

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