Lodge Dues

The members of Horizon support the work of the Lodge through regular payment of dues. Dues pay for our temple rent and utilities, Mass supplies, equipment maintenance and upgrades, and our work of bringing Thelema to Seattle. Members can obtain treasury reports from the Treasurer or the Secretary.

Dues can be paid yearly or monthly. The best way is to set up a PayPal subscription. Subscriptions can be created using the buttons on the right. Individual payments can also be sent using PayPal. Dues payments should be sent to horizon@seattle-oto.org.

You may also give dues payments to the Treasurer in person. Checks should be made out to Horizon Oasis.

Dues are $20/month for Minervals and $40/month for 1° and up.


Members experiencing hardship may apply for a temporary dues waiver or reduction with the Body Master.

Dues Lapsed Status

The Lodge defines “dues lapsed” as failing to remain current in payment of Lodge dues for two or more consecutive months without making other arrangements, such as requesting a dues waiver.

The Master of the Lodge may suspend the membership of any member who becomes dues lapsed. Members who become dues lapsed can reinstate their dues current status by paying dues for the current month and remaining current thereafter. The Lodge does not require payment of back dues.